Technology to connect you

Technology makes it possible for you to interact with your instructors, complete your coursework, and continue your success as a student.

Tech you need to connect

A young person lounging on a sofa using a computer. Their back is to the camera, so we can see that they're working on charts and graphs.

Online tools for your academic success

  • Canvas – Visit Canvas often for class syllabi, announcements, assignments, and additional course materials. Check out some helpful Canvas training and resources for students to find out how to navigate Canvas, change your notification settings, and much more.
  • Zoom – Any live communications for remote courses, such as office hours and class meetings, will happen in Zoom. Everything you need to know about Zoom can be found on Keep Learning’s Zoom page.
  • Boost – a mobile app that integrates with Canvas and gives you reminders like upcoming assignment due dates and recently posted course announcements. Learn more at
  • NameCoach – Record your name in NameCoach to help your instructors and peers pronounce it. You can add the recording to your Canvas profile, email signature, LinkedIn, and social media accounts.
  • IUanyWare and IUware – Find great titles for no cost like Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. Use IUanyWare to stream or IUware to download. New! IUanyWare now offers remote access to STC desktop computers. This remote access allows you access to even more IU-licensed software.
  • Getting Started Guide – Find tips to get started with tech at IU.
  • IU Online Keep Learning Course – Keep up with the latest resources for online learning at IU with this free, non-credit Student Online Toolkit course in IU Expand.
  • IU Mobile – Download the IU Mobile app for campus information,computing support, student tools in One.IU, and more.
  • Kaltura – a cloud-based video management system that can be used for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other types of media. Find out more about Kaltura in the Knowledge Base.

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