There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when attending classes remotely, just as there are for face-to-face classes. Review a list of tips for smoother remote class meetings here.

Students, faculty, and staff can download software without paying a fee from IUware, including products such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365. If a product isn’t available on IUware or can’t be installed for another reason, IUanyWare may be used to run software from a web browser or mobile app.

Additionally, the STC PC computer labs are open for virtual access. Faculty and students can access the actual STC computers using IUanyWare, and use the software they are accustomed to accessing in the computer labs. IUanyWare allows you to connect using any internet-capable device - computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and phones. For more information, visit Access IU STC labs during campus closures/COVID-19.

For information about accessing library resources, contact your campus librarian.

The semester will not be extended. Other than the additional week of spring break, the semester calendar remains unchanged.

Temporary service interruptions may occur, either due to planned maintenance or unexpected outages. Visit status.iu.edu to see real-time availability of IU-supported systems and information on upcoming planned maintenance. You can also contact your campus Support Center.

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