Staying Connected

Connecting with your fellow students

Staying connected to your friends and classmates is important to avoid feeling isolated. You’re not alone, but how do you connect? Check out the following tips and resources on ways to stay connected.



Stay connected with friends, studies, and campus life by attending virtual events!

Ways to connect

Keeping your group and club Zoom meetings safe from disruptions

While “Zoombombing” is not yet in the dictionary, it is now a familiar term. Follow these tips to prevent hurtful disruptions to your virtual meetings.

First, check out the Zoom: Tools for Securing Meetings video (5 minutes). As described in the video, you should take the following steps to ensure your Zoom meeting is secure:

  • Require participants to be logged in to an IU Zoom account
  • Turn off participant video and audio upon entry
  • Ensure removed participants are unable to rejoin meetings

Then, during meetings, follow the guidance in the Managing disruptions during Zoom meetings video (3 minutes):

  • Prevent participants from screensharing
  • Remove unwanted/disruptive participants
  • Lock the meeting once it starts, so no one else can join

Finally, make sure you have assigned co-hosts who can perform host duties, like removing a participant.

For further information about how to host a meeting, check out this recorded webinar:  Getting Started with Zoom – Hosting Edition (about 20 minutes). 

I truly enjoyed Zoom lectures. I felt as if it was easier to talk to each other than it is in a classroom setting or a discussion forum.

Spring 2020 student

Communicating with your instructors

Communication is more important than ever. Your instructors want to hear from you! Here are some tips and resources to help you.

Tips on connecting with instructors

  • Attend class! This sounds obvious, but this is the best way to stay connected.
  • Ask questions during class. Try to speak up or use the chat – most likely others in class have the same questions.
  • Attend virtual office hours in Zoom. They exist for the sole purpose of connecting with your instructors, so take advantage!
  • Check Canvas often for updates. Your instructor will post class announcements and updates here.
  • Check the syllabus for your instructor’s communication preferences.
  • Unable to access your course syllabus? Find your instructor's name in your class schedule and search for them in the IU Directory to find their email address. You may also be able to find their email address from their department's website.

Problem-solving instructor communication

Start by checking the syllabus to find out the best way to contact your instructor. Usually, contacting an instructor via one of those methods will do the trick. However, this is a time of disruption to school and life for everyone. Please realize that your instructor may be dealing with some of the same stressors as you including health, family, and school-related difficulties. A little empathy goes a long way. If you have already tried contacting your instructor and haven’t heard back, try the following:

  • Arrive early or stay late at your class meeting to connect with your instructor.
  • Send a Canvas message or email.
  • Attend their office hours.

If after several days you still haven’t heard back, you should contact the department Chair. When you contact the Chair, you will now be able to show the numerous different ways you’ve tried to contact your instructor and the Chair will be able to help you out from there.

Tip: To find your department Chair, navigate to the department’s website and look under Faculty and Staff. Usually the Chair is listed at the top and “Chair” should be in their title.

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